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Volume Lash Course

Volume Lunar Lash

Learn the fundamentals of becoming a Lash Extension Esthetician and become confident in a new, fun skill by working with an experienced, multi-certified Lash Artist one on one. 

In this course you will be given hands on experience by working with live models and a extremely expansive lash kit.

You will learn the following:

  • Infection Prevention & Control Training

  • Lash growth cycle

  • Lash health

  • Basics of lashing

  • Types of lashes

  • Proper isolating of the lash

  • Secure application of lash extensions

  • Key components of lash retention

  • Common lash maps

  • Volume fans

  • +And more!

Your kit will include: (lash products from Lashin_out & Origins Lash Pro)

  • x3 Lash Tweezers

  • x6 Lash Trays (variety of styles & sizes)

  • Lash Adhesive

  • Saline Solution

  • Lash Tile

  • Lash Remover

  • Lash Cleanser + Brush

  • Mascara Wands

  • Lip Brushes

  • Microfibre Brushes

  • x2 Lash Tapes

  • Lash Mirror

  • Adhesive Wipes

  • Glue Rings

  • Nano Mister

  • Glue Tile

  • Air Puffer

  • Pack of Makeup Sponges

The course is a duration of 4 in-class days held on weekends. (Friday-Sunday)

You are responsible of having 4 in-class models to learn technique on and 5 at-home models for practice to complete this certification.  

Reach out!

Have questions about this course? Directly contact me!

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